BlogHeavy Duty Castors Strength

Heavy Duty Castors Strength

Heavy Duty Castors Strength

Atlas Handling provides the best quality Heavy Duty Castors, but trying to visualise the strength of our products can be a difficult task. So how strong are our castors?

A smart car weights 680kg, our heavy duty braked castor can hold almost two cars in one place on a single wheel. These industrial castors come equipped with a nylon wheel, loaded with ball bearings allowing for easy movement of heavy weight. These specialist castors come with mounted brakes that secure the weight in place even whilst on a gradient.
Atlas Handling push the boundaries - see bellow what our stronger 1500kg caster can withstand.

Braked castor 150mm wheel diameter upto 1000kg capacity

High quality nylon wheel with BALL BEARINGS, fitted into a HEAVY DUTY FABRICATED steel castor housing

A Subaru Impreza weights 1455kg on a single heavy duty swivel castor and still have 45kg worth of extra load. Our heavy duty swivel castor can withstand an amazing 1500kg worth of weight on its steel castor housing.
We at Atlas Handling know some people require even more - see bellow for our TWO TONNE Elite castor.

Swivel castor 150mm wheel diameter upto 1500kg capacity

Two high quality cast iron wheel with BALL BEARINGS, fitted into a twin HEAVY DUTY FABRICATED steel castor housing

Our high-end heavy duty swivel castor with a 200mm wheel diameter can withstand up to 2000kg. In comparison a Land Rover weighs approximately 1854kg meaning you could balance the Land Rover with a car full of people on one of our heavy duty castors.
Our duel wheel castors help to distribute the load over a large surface area while it’s outstanding industrial metal bear incredible loads with ease.
These castors are equipped with ‘twin extra heavy duty steel castor housing’ on top of high quality polyurethane tyre wheels allowing movement and 360° rotation of extremely heavy weight.

Swivel castor 200mm wheel diameter upto 2000kg capacity

Two high quality polyurethane tyred wheels on a cast iron centre with BALL BEARINGS, fitted into a twin EXTRA HEAVY DUTY steel castor...

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