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High Temperatures in winter

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High Temperatures in winter


In the lead up to Christmas there is always a need for a lot more food production.  This always leads to an increase of sales for Phenolic castors and high temperature castors.   A lot of food manufactures will step up production in readiness for the Christmas food requirements.







Atlas handling uk ltd have a range of high temp castors or bakery castors always in stock.  Over the years we have supplied thousands of these castors to industry and are one of the only companies that include a specific castor for high temperature applications.

Atlas Handling uk also has a variety of high temperature castors, not all on the website, ranging in size and temperature.

If you need bakery castors, catering castors, oven castors or just a high temperature castors  then please contact Atlas handling uk ltd as we can offer a range of castors than can help.