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Britain is a long way from Hollywood. It is also notable for its varied and beautiful countryside featuring many varieties of trees and rolling green fields, kept lush by copious rainfall. These green pastures house farms and, less frequently these days, dairy farms in particular.

Now Hollywood is embracing the idyllic scene and offers us a film called “ Moo Man. ” Of course every farm has many gates and often to be found helping gate to open are Cast Iron Wheels usually untyred. The Woo Man is about a farm in Hailsham, Sussex and the farmers fight to make a living. His tractor with large Rubber Tyred Wheels is constantly in action taking feed to pastures. There is a trolley with 2 Fixed Castors and 2 Swivel Castors with Rubber Tyres are on land to help distribute the hay. Back in the milking parlour several trolleys with Polyurethane Tyred Castors, 2 Fixed Castors and 2 Swivel Castors are used for general hauling work.

All the cows have names and are treated with kindness and respect that these beautiful creatures deserve. The Sundance Film Festival will be showing the film and no less a than founder Robert Redford will be inviting them to brunch. The stars of the film, Ration, Ida, Clever Kate, Kitty, all Holstem Friesians, will not alas be making the long journey.

When the film is distributed and various press articles are released they all have to be made quickly mobile using trolleys bearing Polyurethane Tyred Castors in swivel and fixed form to do the job. This is a success story for Steve hook, the farmer and his family, all helped in the efficient running by the use of various Castors and Wheels. And now fame in Hollywood film! All can buy this unpasteurised milk on the internet, Hook and, and, as the film makers have discovered, this raw untreated product can help cure and treat asthma, hay fever and eczema.

Keep it on the move with the help of Castors and Wheels.