125mm Resilient Poly Nylon Heavy Duty Castor Wheel

Price: £83.33 Ex VAT
(£99.99 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: W125WOPUBJ

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Technical Information

Bearing Ball
Capacity (kg) 250
Tread 50
Wheel Diameter 125mm
Wheel Material Resilient Poly Nylon

You're looking at our 125mm resilient poly nylon heavy duty castor wheel. Suitable for a wide range of heavy duty appications where you may beed something that's a little more robust with a higher load capacity. 

We will say that nylon wheels are not suitable for all environments, Whilst they are a very versatile castor debris on the floor can be a hard obstacle for them to overcom. We're talking about even small debris such as those annoying little stones that often get brought in on the bottom of peoples shoes. 

The beauty of nylon though is that you can have a relatively small wheel that still has a very good load capacity. Take this castor wheel for example! 


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