250mm Heavy Duty Nylon Castor Wheel With Ball Bearing

Price: £120.65 Ex VAT
(£144.78 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: W250WCNYBJ

Technical Information

Bore 50mm
Capacity (kg) 5000
Hub Length 80mm
Tread 80mm
Wheel Bearing Ball Bearing
Wheel Diameter 250mm
Wheel Material Nylon

You're looking at our heavy duty 250mm nylon castor wheel with ball bearing. 

Nylon is an excellent wheel material to use when you need something that can support heavy loads. The beauty of nylon is that you can have a relatively small wheel and stil have a good load capacity due to the strength of nylon.
I would advise you however that nylon wheels can struggle when it comes to obstacles. When i say obstacles i'm talking about things such as small stones, You know the ones i'm talking about, those annoying little ones that always get brought in on the bottom of peoples shoes! 

A nylon wheel would really struggle to get over something like this due to the hardness of the wheel. If your warehouse does tend to have a lot of debris like this on the floor then you'd probably be better off with something that has a softer tread like.


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