50mm Light Duty Nylon Swivel Castor

Price: £1.32 Ex VAT
(£1.59 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: WE50AG4NY

Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 30kg
Overall Height 64mm
Wheel Diameter 50mm
Tread Width 20mm
Castor Type Swivel
Fitting Method Plate
Hole Size 63mm
Plate Size 60mm x 48mm
Hole Centres 46mm x 35mm
Bearing Type Plain
Bracket Material Pressed Steel
Wheel Material Nylon

50mm Light Duty White Nylon Swivel Castor

Now this white nylon castor is much more common than you'd think. Personally before working with castors i couldn't really say that i'd seen much of them but now i know that acually i've probably come across quite a few of them but they've always just been slightly out of sight! Castors such as this are commonly used on fruit machines! I know! I thought the same thing! 

Really though, When you think about it, they're quite a good castor to fit on something like a fruit machine.

These castors can support up to 30kg each, They have a wheel diameter of 50mm, Tread width of 20mm and an overall height of 64mm. They just fit the bill perfectly! 

I'm not saying that they don't suit other applications as well though, they're more than suitable for many applications. 


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