50mm Replacement Hairdressing Cutting Stool Castor Wheels

Price: £5.00 Ex VAT
(£5.00 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd

Code: CTW-50-X5

50mm Replacement Hairdressing Cutting Stool Castor Wheels

You're looking at our set of 5 replacement cutting stool castor wheels. Suitable for a wide range of hairdressing trolleys and hairdressing cutting stools, these replacement castors will save you a small fortune! 
Every hair salon has had the issue with hair wrapping around the wheels in their castors until the point where the stool no longer moves around the salon with ease. 

We're also aware that you've probably tried to get the hair out every possible way to no avail, even sometimes damaging the castor whilst in the process! Well there's really no point in replacing the whole trolley or stool just because of the hair! Seriously, They can cost anything for £30 and up! You can't do that every single time it stops moving! Simply replace the castors! 

These castors will fit most hairdressing stools that have an 11mm stem, You can find out if they'll fit your cutting stool or trolley by removing one of the castors and measuring the stem. 

They're super easy to fit as well which is great for a busy salon! Simply pull the old ones off and pop the new ones on! It should take no longer than 5 minutes unless you've got a real stubborn castor stuck on. 




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