75mm Light Duty Anti-Static Rubber Bolt Hole Braked Castor

Price: £5.61 Ex VAT
(£6.80 including VAT)

Brand: Atlas Handling UK Ltd


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Technical Information

Load Capacity (kg) 50kg
Overall Height 95mm
Wheel Diameter 75mm
Tread Width 23mm
Castor Type Bolt Hole Braked
Fitting Method Bolt Hole
Hole Size 10mm
Bearing Type Plain
Offset 32mm
Bracket Material Pressed Steel
Wheel Material Synthetic Non-Marking Anti-Static Rubber

Anti Static 75mm Bolt Hole Fitting Castors

You're looking at our 75mm, anti static bolt hole fititng castor! This castor comes with a 10.5mm bolt hole fitting which is pretty standard across the board! A 23mm wheel tread, 75mm wheel diameter, an overall load capacity of 50kg per castor and an overall height of 95mm. 

This light duty anti static castor is the ideal candidate in a lot of situations however, used in most situations would be wasting this castors potential! This castor as you may have already noted is an anti static castor, that makes it more suitable for specific applications such as use on medical equipment or sensitive eletrical equipment. There are many reasons that you may want to use an anti static castor and the superb quality and price of this castor allows you to do so without breaking the bank!  


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