AGHWAPP Heavy Duty Nylon Castor in a Fabricated Bracket

White Nylon Heavy Duty Castors With Fabricated Steel Bracket

You're looking at our AGHWAPP series of heavy duty white nylon castors. These heavy duty castors are suitable for heavy duty applications, Available in three different styles that include swivel, fixed and braked these heavy duty castors are extremely versatile. As well as being available in three different sytles they're also available in a variety of wheel diameter that include 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm. 
It's important to remember that in most cases as the wheel diameter increases, so does the load capacity that that particular castor can support. In the case of this particular series the smallest castor in the range can support up to 270kg per castor where as the largest in the range being 200mm can support up to 400kg per castor! 

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