AGH Polyurethane On Cast Iron Heavy Duty Swivel Castors

Heavy Duty Swivel Castor Made From A Red Polyurethane Tread On A Cast Iron Core

You're looking at our AGH series of castors. A series of heavy duty castor that consist of a red polyurethane tread on a cast iron core all housed in a fabricated steel bracket. They're available in three different styles of castor that include swivel, fixed and braked. In each of those styles there are also four different wheel diameters that include 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm. 

The beauty of using polyurethane in castors is that it can support particularly heavy loads very well and it's also a rather hard wearing material and tends to last longer than castors with rubber tyres on them. When you add a polyurethane tread onto a cast iron core however, the result is a very durable, long lasting and hard wearing castor that handles very well! This range of castors covers all bases when it comes to a good heavy duty castor! 

The particular style of castor you're looking at now is our heavy duty swivel castor. You usually wouldn't find these on their own and in most cases they would be paired with another style of castor such as either a heavy duty braked castor or a heavy duty fixed castor. It entirely depends on the application your using it for. If you're going to be fitting these to something like a warehouse trolley, you usually wouldn't put braked castors on there as you'd most likely have no reason to, you may however put fixed castors on a warehouse trolley so you would have the combination of two swivel castors and two fixed castors. This gives you much better control over the trolley.

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