Bakery & Food Castors

Atlas Handling (UK) Food and Bakery Castors

Our range has been designed and engineered for multiple uses. Our Bakery and Food Castors are great if you require equipment wheels and castors in your kitchens for regular everyday use, each high quality and affordable.

Bakery and oven racks use special wheels known as phenolic they are often very dark in colour almost black, but no always. We have more high temperature wheels and castors than most other castor and wheel companies. The temperatures the wheels will be expected to operate in, is highly important. Bakeries producing mainly bread will bake between 220° centigrade and 250° centigrade, pie manufactures can be up to 280° centigrade.

We have found there are no two bakeries using castors in the same way and this often leads to excessive wheel wear and unnecessary usage, this situation can easily be overcome through simple trials. Where high temperatures are to be found, we believe our green epoxy resin wheel is best suited, following many successful tests we can reliably offer our 100WHTG260 which confidence. Our standard phenolic resin wheels are also rated at 220° centigrade, which caters for most general bakery applications. WAN190-300 centigrade range are particularly well suited to heavy applications, turkey, large pork pie producers etc. due to larger wheel diameters, which help reduce the effort required and in turn daily wear and tear on the equipment. 

Bakery Castor options for fixed, swivel, braked and bolt hole styles are available, with a variety of brackets and wheel materials to choose from. Detailed descriptions of each are available when you select product images. If you have any question regarding our vast range of Bakery and Food Castors below or our case studies, please contact us today.