Conveyors & Material Handling Castors

Our Material Handling and Conveyor Castors Range

There are many aspects to consider when selecting conveyor components, such as whether the loads are likely to be constant, will the conveyor belt be elevated or not? What items or materials are being transported? It is unlikely that the load per item will be high, however collectively the conveyor system may have a much greater load overall than initially calculated.

Our standard and heavy duty series are fitted with either nylon or injected polyurethane tyred wheels, which are very well suited. Remember to give further consideration to the fitting type, either plate fitting or single hole fitting. Brakes are often used to ensure the conveyer system is secure in operation. Foot locks are very popular with this application, as they allow the conveyor to be moved and secured quickly, with minimum effort. Our truck locks TL4 and TL6 are very well priced and available from stock.

Our varied range is great to handle and move bulk materials or heavy bags of industrial materials, particularly ideal in the packing industry. Conveyor systems can be manufactured from different materials, such as chains and belts each based on the industry need for heavy duty roller castors. Our stair climber wheel assembly is also available to transport heavy materials up and down stairs, check out our other miscellaneous equipment. Our conveyors and material handling castors are hard wearing, and easy to move. Please view our range below and contact us for more information.