We have selected the particular castors displayed below, as our top Automotive castors from our extensive range. Customer feedback suggests these Automotive castors are practical, and excellent quality for money, fulfilling their requirements.

Our Automotive castors are available in fixed, swivel and braked styles, of different wheel diameters. However loading capacities vary throughout our Automotive castors, from 500kg to supporting heavy duty weights. Either single or twin wheel options are available with Polyurethane, Cast Iron, Rubber and Nylon wheels, with various bracket materials. Prices range from however remain reasonable, depending on the Automotive castors individual specifications. 

Automotive castors are supplied to the Automotive industry to be used on manufacturing equipment, ensuring stability is gained with long-lasting results. If you have any questions regarding our Automotive castors range, check out our FAQs page, or please do not hesitate to Contact Us.