Atlas Handling (UK) Automotive Castors Range

Over the years, we have supplied castors and wheels to various industries, with our Automotive Castors offering fine stability and secure brakes for great prices.

Most automotive manufacturing facilities use either heavy duty castors or towable castors on track side trolleys and buggies, which are often required for towing. We will always recommend towing no more than 4 KPH, which conforms to EN standards. When deciding which castor is correct, you need to consider the towing speeds, service life and frequency or movement, this will help calculate the very best wheel and bracket for you, providing years of faultless service.

These high quality castors and wheels are designed and manufactured for regular use, with measurements varying across the range from 80mm to 250mm in diameter, and weight capacities allowing for loads between 150kg - 2000kg, a heavy duty option. Favourite materials for Automotive Castors include, Polyurethane on Nylon wheels with pressed steel castor housing, however strong rubber on cast iron wheels are also popular. Twin wheel options are available too. If you have any questions regarding our automotive castors, simply contact our friendly team to discuss in further detail today.