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Our Various Quality Boat Castors Online

Throughout our Website, many different wheels and castors and displayed for various industry applications, each simply grouped on our applications page. Our boat castors are self-explanatory, they are primarily designed to support the weight capacity of a boat when it is being manoeuvred on dry land. We are able to frequently supply to various marinas of the UKs coastline when required. Our boat castors below accommodate for up to 1200kg each, at great prices with cast iron, nylon and polyurethane wheels to choose from.

We supply boat castors of different sizes, duties, housing and wheel materials, in many styles including; fixed, swivel and braked to ensure everyone's individual requirements are fulfilled. Our boat castors are displayed below, please select an image for further specifications. If you have any questions about our boat castors, or would like advice on the best castor or wheel to fit, simply contact our team today and we shall be help to assist.