Our Maritime Boat Gantry and Yacht Castors


Castors and wheels are supplied for various industries, to ensure multiple applications are able to move with ease, with many heavy duty castors and twin wheel castors available for heavier applications. 

Does your yacht or boat require storage on land?

Perhaps your yacht trailer requires our Pneumatic tyres, or your supporting framework (gantry crane) which holds your boat upright requires mobility to be ferried onto dry land? Our Boat gantry and yacht castors will help support the weight capacity of your boat when it is being maneuvered.

We regularly supply maritime castors for application to many UK specialist coastal marinas, fulfilling all customer requirements. Moving large objects with minimal force is our focus, supplying a combination of wheels and castors online for applications and structures which are manufactured from steel, wood and various other materials. 

Various swivel, fixed, braked and bolt hole options are displayed, please do not hesitate to seek our advice and knowledge on the best castor or wheel for your application. We have many stainless steel, pressed castor housing to choose from too if required.

Perhaps our boat gantry and yacht castors are of interest to you. Please select individual castor images for detailed specifications, or contact our team today to discuss which of our specialist products is the right option for your application.