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If you want to become a police man you will have to get used to the fact that starting salaries will be cut by £4000 per annum, Of course this is all part of a necessary exercise by the government to reduce national bills. It might be interesting to contemplate how we can make the police more mobile and efficient. At present many of them roam around in vehicles with 4 rubber tyre wheels on. Society has decreed that there should be a greater police presence on the streets. Should we not make them more mobile by supplying them each with hop along scooters each having rubber tyred wheels. This would help to ensure physical fitness for the boys in blue, alternative supplement is to revert to the push bike with 2 rubber tyred wheels, inflated to higher pressures for quick response units. To this and the helmet of the constable could be redesigned and streamlines for more efficient and dynamic movement. A further take on this is the universal use of roller skates each having 4 polyurethane tyre castors. All 4 could be swivel castors these beings so the constable can turn corners easily, because if they were on fixed castors then they could only go straight. I personally would jump on a sit on lawnmower with pneumatic tyres on and chase them round. 


There has been a surprise 8% fall in crime last year, revealed by the government,

But why are crime rates falling now? Are police anti-crime and antisocial behaviour crackdowns working? Is it just better security on homes and cars making it harder to break in? Have smart phones killed teenage boredom? Are young people drinking less and taking fewer drugs, or is it all down to less lead in the atmosphere? We here at Atlas Handling believe criminals are being caught easier by our boys in blue on their blue elasticated castors bombing round the streets and therefore people are afraid to offend.

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