Cast Iron Fixed Castors

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fixed Castors

You're looking at our DR series of heavy duty cast iron fixed castors in a pressed steel bracket. Suitable for a wide variety of applications that require a robust castor.

When it comes to cast iron fixed castors you should take into account that there are many pros and cons as there is with any castor, Some of the pros would be it's high load capacity, how hard wearing it is and its ability to perform under heat providing the correct bracket is used. 

There are also some cons though as with any castor, The cons of using cast iron are also some of its pros such as, it is a hard wearing castor and over time this will cause damage to certain floors, it will also cause wearing if it's constantly going over the same path. Cast iron castors are also not very well at coping when it comes to debris and this can make them hard to maneuver. 

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