Cast Iron Castors

Our selectin of cast iron castors. Cast iron castors are usually the most favoured castor when it comes to something that is long lasting and hard wearing! They're suitable for a wide range of applications but do also have some limitations. They're suitable for applications where something hard wearing or high temperature resistant is needed (Suitable bracket required)

The limitations we were talking about though could make or break your descision on whether or not you'll be buying cast iron castors. One of the biggest limitations is that they're cast iron. Because of this they can be harsh on certain floor types like wood, They can also chip away painted warehouse flooring so if you've just had your warehouse floor freshly painted, you may want to re-think these. 

Depending on the floor surface as well, cast iron castors could also be a bit of an issue when it comes to debris. If the surface your going to be using these castors on is not really free from debris then you may find these castors are a little harder to push, even if you have the slightest bit of debris like a stone, that can be a hard obsticle to over come for such a hard castor like cast iron. 

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