Castor Sets

Sets Of Castors

So over the last few years in particular we noticed that our lovely customers have started buying more and more sets of castors rather than the odd one or two, We completely understand that this is simply better value for money! Especially if you're replacing the castors on something such as an office chair? Why would you replace just the one after all when you could replace all five? 

For this reason we decided to star putting together castor sets to make life a little bit easier. 

You'll currently see that we've just put together some of our most popular sets for now but over time you'l be seeing this grow larger and larger. 

If you're after a set of castors but can't actually see the type of castor you need for your application, please to give us a call! Just because you can't see it on our website, it doesn't meen that we don't have it, some things we just haven't got round to putting on our website yet.