High Temperature Castors

We supply a range of castors and wheels, suitable for high temperature applications and environments. They are non-marking, and anti-corrosion if we fit them in a stainless steel bracket, please request this option prior to purchasing, ideal in the catering industry. Standard castors have a limited temperature range, before they become unstable or melt.

Standard nylon castors or poly nylon castors can however withstand temperatures up to 90°C, for short periods of time. Nylon castors are also resilient to environments where smoke is used to cook food.

Phenolic castors and wheels are the most commonly used material to withstand high temperatures. They are created via a process of moulding under extreme pressure, enabling the ability to carry heavy loads without damaging floors in intermittent service. We have swivel, fixed and bolt hole high temperature castors available, at amazing value. A limited range of our high temperature castors are displayed below, however we have more phenolic castors available, simply contact us if you would like advice on selecting the best option for your application.

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