Crane & Gantry

We supply a large range of high quality, fixed and swivel Crane and Gantry Castors, each designed for multiple purposes with duties differing, perfect for industrial lifting equipment.

Our Crane and Gantry Castors can be very interesting applications much thought and consideration must be given to total weight lifted for instance 2500 KG total load over 4 castor / wheels must be divided by 2 castors, as the weight is often required to travois and can often be expected to stop quickly. Due to the nature of this application the loads are often heavy and constant, therefore we would recommend either our heavy duty pressed steel GDH range or heavier fabricated our NGR and DNGR with polyurethane wheels, and cast iron centres, which work well together. Larger diameter wheels work well with higher loads, although we would recommend no smaller then 150mm, but would favour 200mm or 250mm.

Different sizes, capacities, wheel dimensions and materials are available, giving you an endless choice, all at reasonable prices. All specifications are clearly labelled in the product descriptions. Both single or twin wheel options are supplied to purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Crane and Gantry Castors range.

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