Food Processing & Preparation

We supply various wheels and castors, their long lasting quality manufacturing offers smooth rolling, hard-wearing products. Non marking wheels are a particular favourite among our regular orders. If you require reliable food processing castors, we have many available for you to choose from. Their diameters range from 80mm to 125mm, with weight capacities varying between 100kg to 270kg, depending on the loading weight you require. Stainless steel would always be recommended, our stainless steel is EN 314, stainless steel castors are much less likely to rush and corrosion. Where possible we would also suggest stainless steel axle material which we believe is the main reason many castors used in food applications fail early and unnecessarily.

When ordering also remember blue is a very good colour choice it is easily seen as a foreign body contaminant. We have several blue wheel materials to choose from, our application categories will help decide which is best. Look out for the water drop symbol beside some of our food processing castors, and throughout our range, to ensure waterproof qualities from stainless steel castor housing. If you have any further questions in regards to our food processing castors, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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