We have a huge selection of industrial wheels and castors available with such a wide variety of wheel materials, core materials, fitting methods and load capacities. Beings you're currently looking at industrial wheels and castors we're going to assume that you're looking for more heavy duty castors and wheels as opposed to light duty castors and wheels. 

Industrial castors are used in all aspects of business and if chosen correctly, the industrial heavy duty castors most factories use, we can offer from stock with same day dispatch. Polyurethane heavy duty swivel castors are very popular as they are less damaging to factory floors, avoiding those costly floor repairs and inconvenience associated with likely closures. Many factory castors are expected to be used outside, polyurethane wheeled castors are still good for this application however, floor condition can make hard polyurethane wheels difficult to manoeuvre. If this is happening we would recommend our heavy duty elastic rubber tyred wheels and castors, which have very similar load capacities and will easily overcome those small obstacles often found outside. Wheels and castors are tested to ISO2175.



Test Condition and detail


Load one castor is expected to maintain whilst operational


Not more than 4km/hour


+/- 10 Degrees 20 degrees centigrade

Floor condition

Tested with hard rolling surface, surface Obstacle 5% of wheel diameter and not greater than 90 Shore A less for harder wheels. Obstacle size 100mm width between 2.5% and 5mm radius.

Cycle Running Time

Maximum 4 minutes with 25% stopping cycle time


Where wheels are continually being used you may find in time that traffic areas can become worn, resulting is costly maintenance repairs and interruption. Using wheels with treads softer than the working floor condition will prevent this and is advised. Remember whenever using soft tread wheels or castors, choosing the correct wheels can be very important to minimise wastage. 

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