DNGRPN Polyurethane on Nylon Centre Heavy Duty Castors

Heavy Duty Red Poly Nylon Twin Wheel Castors

You're looking at our rather attractive range of DNGRPN series of heavy duty twin wheel castors. This range of twin wheel heavy duty castors are available as both fixed twin wheel castor and a swivel twin wheel castor. Available as a 150mm twin wheel castor and a 200mm twin wheel castor. The 150mm heavy duty castor is capable of supporting loads of up to 820kg per castor and the 200mm heavy duty castor can support loads of up to 860kg per castor! 

You may have noticed above that we mention that these castors are rather attractive and honestly, in my own opinion, i do think that these are a rather good looking piece of kit. The red polyurethane tread really makes this product stand out for me and the balck fabricated bracket really just finishes the castor off. 

It's suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications. 

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