DNGRPN Swivel Castors

Heavy Duty Twin Wheel Poly Nylon Swivel Castors

You're looking at our range of rather attractive DNGRPN series of heavy duty swivel castors. This series of swivel castors are made from a polyurethane tread on a nylon centre. The larger of the two sizes measuring at 200mm in wheel diameter is capable of supporting loads up to 860kg per castor and the smaller of the two measuring at 150mm is capable of supporting loads up to 820kg per castor! 

Personally, i find these heavy duty swivel castors rather aesthetically pleasing with their red polyurethane tread they really grab the eye and the black fabricated steel bracket really just finishes it off for me. Now i know the looks of the product aren't always the deciding factor, especially when it comes to buying a heavy duty castor but honestly, you'd be suprised how often a customer does want a good looking castor such as this, especially when it comes to a retail application such as a piece of point of sale furniture or even in a home setting with an industrial theme which is particularly big at the moment. 

These heavy duty castors are also available as a heavy duty fixed castor if required. 

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