DNGRPTA Polyurethane on Aluminium Centre Heavy Duty Castors

Heavy Duty Twin Wheel Castors with a Polyurethane Tread with Aluminium Centre

You're looking at our range of DNGRPTA heavy duty twin wheel castors. These castors are suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications where failure is not an option! 
For the size of these twin wheel castors they can really carry an impressive load! When you think that the smallest of the two sizes available is 150mm in diameter, Each one can support loads up to 1300kg and the larger of the two being 200mm in wheel diameter can support up to 1500kg per castor! We think that's pretty damned impressive! 

Not only is this castor extremely good value for money, its also in my own personal opinion a very good looking castor! Overall i know that this isn't essential to the castors integrity nor is it usually the deciding factor, You would however be surprised how many of our customers do preffer the more aesthetically pleasing castors such as this one. 

These heavy duty twin wheel castors are available both as a swivel castor and a fixed castor! 

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