DR Bolt Hole Braked Nylon Castors

White Nylon Bolt Hole Braked Castors with Pressed Steel Bracket

You're looking at our DR series of nylon bolt hole braked castors. Suitable for a wide range of applications it is available in a variety of different wheel diameters that include 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 160mm and 200mm. The total load capacity of these castors changes depending on the wheel diameter that has been chosen for example, the smallest castor having an 80mm wheel diameter is capable of supporting loads of up to 200kg per castor where as the largest of the castors in this range having a 200mm wheel diameter can support loads of up to 350kg per castor! Pretty impressive when you consider its light footprint! 

The white nylon castor wheel is suitable for most floortypes as well not being as harsh to flooring as some other wheel materials can be. 

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