DR Series: Pressed Steel/Cast Iron Castors

You're looking at our DR series of heavy-duty cast iron castors is a pressed steel bracket. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, cast iron castors have been used for a whole array of interesting and unique applications where a truly robust castor is needed. 

There are many reasons why you would pick a cast iron castor, such as the load capacity and how hard-wearing they are, Providing you have them in the correct bracket and bearing they can also work well under heat as well, This particular range however is not suitable for heat due to the head seal and the bearing. You can find a whole range of high-temperature cast iron castors here though

There are also however some drawbacks to cast iron castors, such as you need to be careful with the floor type that you use them on as they can cause damage to certain floors as they are very hard wearing and may mark and wear away floors. They're also not particularly great when it comes to floors with debris. Being made from such a hard material they struggle to cope when it comes to things such as those annoying little stones that come in on the bottom of people's shoes.

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