DWDUHPT; Fabricated / Polyurethane on Cast Iron Centre

Our Ultra Heavy Duty range of castors (also known as the DW Series) Are the highest load capacity castors that we have available from stock. The idea behind these ultra heavy duty castors was that each castor could carry up to 10 tonnes! We're always sure to keep stock of these castors so we can dispatch them the same day. Our DW Castors use very large taper roller bearings of the highest quality, a strong bracket, and trusted manufacturing methods to ensure that these castors give great service. 

They come in a variety of styles including, Swive, Fixed & Braked. There are two types of configuration for these castors you will notice are in a single wheel configuration whereas the fixed & braked castors are in a twin wheel configuration. This is to achieve extraordinary loads!

The castor wheels are coated in polyurethane to help protect the floors from damage when in use.

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