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Education Resumes Full Time

Education Resumes Full Time


As expected the snow and winter in some parts, affected the schools earlier this year, however now they are back in full swing. As we drove past in our warm cars, run on pneumatic tyred wheels, we saw many cars all with rubber tyred inflatable wheels outside the schools. These take children to school 5 days a week and twice a day, these vehicles on pneumatic tyred wheels will be a hazard for a time. The collection will include small cars with smaller rubber tyred inflatable wheels and so called ‘off road’ monsters with very large pneumatic tyred wheels and often one attached to the back, like a mobile phone attached to ones ear. The women delivering their children will sometimes have younger family members, perhaps in a pram having 4 solid rubber tyres or a pushchair with smaller solid rubber tyres.

The school is there for education but behind the scenes it has to run smoothly, usually requiring a caretaker or janitor. He will move things about on trolleys with 4 wheels and castors. The back 2 fixed polyurethane tyred castors will be capable of moving anything from seats and desks, to equipment in the lab. Also in use for awkward loading items will be sack trucks, with 2 wheels. These are usually solid honeycombed centre wheels, which will not deflate or pick up punctures. All these wheels and castors always need replacing, particularly solid rubber wheels. In education one would normally think of the transport of books, however in todays learning climate perhaps computers.

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