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Flight Case Wheels & Flight Case Castors

Flight Case Wheels & Flight Case Castors

So we've noticed that a lot of you are searching for "Flight Case Wheels" and flight case wheels are always somethingt that has been very popular for us and we've got a lot of knowledge with so i gured why not help our customers find flight case wheels and flight case castors! 

What is a flight case wheel?

So, One of the things that we've really noticed over the last few years is customers searching for "Product Name" + "Wheels" and 6 years ago before i personally worked here i totally would have done the same, Since working here however i now know that there is a complete difference between a flight case wheel and a flight case castor. The wheel would simply be that, the wheel, no assembly, no brake, no way of fixing it to the the actual flight case unless you already have the bracket already, In some cases you may already have the bracket and you may actually be looking just to replace the wheel itself, Most of the time however we do find that the customer is looking for the complete castor assembly. 

The complete castor assmebly for the flight case castors in particular that we sell are available in a variety of fitting methods that include swivel, fixed, braked, bolt hole and bolt hole braked which is always good to know! If you're just looking for the flighr case wheel, well good news! They're also available in a variety of wheel diameters, Not all wheel diameters are available in every style though so it's always worth seeing what's available before you decide on a wheel diameter. 

What material are flight case wheels made from?

Our flight case wheels in particular are made from a blue elastic non-marking rubber tread on a nylon centre which gives both a strong sturdy castor that's capabvle of supporting loads of up to 350kg per castor (Depending on wheel diameter) but it can also give a smooth ride to help keep expensive equipment safe from vibration damage. which is the last thing you need when you've just spent all that money on a new lighting desk!

If you order the complete castor assembly, the bracket is made from a pressed steel, which is pretty stadard across our range of light duty to medium duty castors! 

What would you use flight case wheels for?

Well, The clue in all honest is in the name of the product. You would use them on flight cases, If you've never see one before or you're unsure what one is, you've more than likely seen them on the TV where you get to see behind the scenes, you'll also notice them at concerts / shows. Anywhere where audio visual equipment is frequently moved. Theyre usually fitted to a big black box of varying sizes where the equiment can be safely stored during transport. 

Flight Case Wheels & Castors


Above, you can see a selection of flight case castors and a flightcase wheel, If you click any of the images, you'll be taken to the category they belong to where you can find the different fitting methods, styles and wheel diameters.


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