Where to buy heavy duty castor wheels?

Atlas Handling has a great selection of heavy duty castor wheels in stock and ready for dispatch! We have a wide range of materials and a wide range of fitting methods suitable for your application. 

We're more than happy to assist you to find the correct castor for your application. Feel free to give us a call on 01527 506702

How to remove castor wheels from office chair

Removing the castor wheels from your office chair is usually a pretty simple task. In the UK, it's pretty standard to have castors fitted to office chairs with an 11mm stem, This enables you to just pull the castor with a bit of force from the base and then pop a new one on. Please note that not all castors are removable. Some manufacturers will weld the castors to the base of the chair. 

Castor Wheels For Gates

Atlas Handling UK Ltd sell an incredible castor that has been specifically designed for gates! You'd better believe that it's called gate castor for a reason! It is suitable for industrial, agricultural, security or heavy domestic gates and doors. 

What is a castor?

A castor is a wheel contained within a bracket that make moving things easier. An example would be the castors that usually come standard with office chairs or the castors that come fitted on a warehouse trolley.

What castor do i need?

They type of castor that you need depends entirely on the application it is being used for. Please feel free to call us or check out our handy FAQs here.