GDNYLF Nylon Levelling Castors

You're looking at our GDNYLF series of heavy duty nylon levelling castors. These levelling castors are suitable for a wide range of medium to heavy duty applications where reliability, strength and a small size are needed. The 65mm levelling castors are both capable of supporting loads of up to 150kg per castor! Where as the 75mm levelling castors can support up to 200kg per castor! 

It's important to remember though that when you're working out the load capacity that your nylon levelling castors need to support you work it out correctly to avoid any failures to do with load distribution or total load.

When we work out the total load capacity a set of castors can support, we always advise dividing the load over three castors rather than doing it over a set of four. We say this for reasons mentioned above.

If your levelling castors are being used on a table / trolley the object or load may not be spread evenly which would mean that some of the castors on your application could potentially be carring more weight than others, If your load is particularly heavy, this could put the levelling castor over the limit it has been designed for, this could then cause the castor to fail. Uneven floor surfaces can also be another issue when loading castors for the same reasons.

We also have a selectin of HSL Levelling Castors available as well with either a nylon glass fibre castor wheel or a solid urethane castor wheel.

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