BlogInformationGet wet with our stainless castors

Get wet with our stainless castors

Get wet with our stainless castors

Stainless Steel CastorsStainless Steel Castors



Stainless steel castors perfect for all weather conditions castors. Waterproof castors, rain castors and for clean environments from hospital castors, school castors, kitchen castors, and as we said outside for all weather needs. Our castors are very popular especially in the kitchen and have even been part of cooking shows on the television. You can say our castors are of celebrity status!!



On our website we offer Nylon castors and Poly Nylon castors but we do offer other types of stainless Steel castors not seen on the here. They vary from rubber tyred wheels and even high temperature wheels available in a range of sizes. We offer sizes from 80mm - 200mm stainless castors. We offer all versions of our popular range including Fixed castors, swivel castors, braked castors, Bolt hole and Bolt Braked castors.


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