Atlas Handling (UK) Grey Wheels


We have a large range of grey wheels available for you to choose from, which include a range of different specifications, for different applications. Each castor and wheel set, in any colour or material is only able to hold a specific capacity, so make sure you check the limitations of each product description. These are displayed when you click on a product to view it's further information. Both fixed and swivel grey wheel castors are available, and can be useful in many ways, depending on their application.

If you simply want to know more about the specifications of the grey rubber wheels we supply, or wish to purchase them individually, please click on the image below. However if you wish to view our complete grey rubber wheel castor range, please browse through the two categories at the bottom of this page.

Grey Rubber

These high quality grey wheels, are manufactured from non marking rubber, fitted around a plastic centre, with solid brackets, placed into different pressed steel castor housing. A variety of different bearings, diameters, tread depths, tread heights, and much more are available, simply find the most suitable choice for you. A standard duty limit is applied on our grey rubber wheels, so depending on the weight and size of the application, you maybe required to choose a different wheel material.

Grey wheels are perfect if you require a smooth running, non marking wheel, ideal in particular environments, generally public places, perhaps best suited to the retail, education or hospitality industries.

Please click on any of the products, to confirm that the individual detailed description is appropriate for you. Once you find the product you have been looking for, simply add it to your cart, located on the right of this page, which you can view anytime throughout your browsing, then proceed to our checkout. Our delivery options can also be viewed via this link.