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We're going to clear up a few questions in this blog post on what a heavy duty castor is and what options are available to you when you're buying heavy duty castors.

Now we frequently get messages or phone calls off customers and potential customers who are looking for heavy duty castors and the first question we ask is "What is the load capacity?"
And we simply ask this because something that may be heavy duty to one person, is completely different from what heavy duty to us actually is. a few examples where customers have been looking for heavy duty castors would be to put on things in their sheds / garage / some small planters or even a piano! But those are actually relatively light duty in terms of what we actually sell. Yes, some of these things can weigh considerable amounts and myself, i'd personally say that i belong on heavy duty castors because i'm not the lightest of people but i still sit on 50mm office chair castors every single day at work and they haven't broke yet!

So a heavy duty castor to us as defined in our catalogue would really be any castors that can support total loads between 275kg per castor all the way up to 1500kg per castor, If you have got a copy of our catalogue you may also notice that sort of in between products where they're not quite medium duty castors but they're not quite yet classed as heavy duty castors either but we'll come to that later on. 

A great selectin of our heavy duty castors would be something such as the few listed below

Just A Few Of Our Heavy Duty Castors
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Castors Heavy Duty Blue Elastic Polyurethane Castors Heavy Duty Polyurethane On Cast Iron Castors Heavy Duty Elastic Rubber Castors
Heavy Duty Poly Nylon Castors Heavy Duty Nylon Castors Heavy Duty Blue Non-Marking Castors Heavy Duty Levelling Castor

What Fitting Methods Are Available For Heavy Duty Castors? 

So if you've taken a look at some of the other castors on our website, you may notice that there are a considerable amount of fitting methods for castors such as plate, bolt hole, stem and swivel threaded stem, this may not sound like many but when you think there are varying different sizes of bolt hole, varying sizes of stems and varying sizes of plates! The list really gets quite long. 

You may have noticed though that with our heavy duty castors there aren't as many fitting methods and you've probably noticed that the fitting methods missing are stem and bolt hole! Now we haven't just missed these off the website by accident, there is a reason for this. 
Due to the sheer weight that these heavy duty castors would be carrying a fitting method such as bolt hole or a stem would be more likely to fail due to the sheer force on them so that's why you won't find bolt holes except for in our GDH & DRH series of heavy duty castors. 

Don't worry though, We know that we have a heavy duty castor for your application.

What Wheel Diameters Are Available For Heavy Duty Castors? 

Again, If you're going strictly by the heavy duty castors category in our catalogue you will notice that there is a selection of wheel diameters that include 125mm and go all the way through to 250mm with some of them even being twin wheel castors too! Such as our DNGRPN series of heavy duty castors which i actually personally find very visually appealing as well! 

Why Is Wheel Diameter Important?

To some customers the wheel diameter isn't actually that important when they're buying heavy duty castors, however, this isn't always the case for everybody, some customers will have a height sensitive application, Maybe the piece of furniture or equipment the castors are being fitted to need to remain under a certain height in order to fit through a doorway or even a specific room perhaps. 

What About The Wheel Material On My Heavy Duty Castors? 

Well wheel material is also something very important that you should really be aware of, as you should have already seen from the 8 photos above there are many different wheel materials and each wheel material will perform differently for example. A heavy duty nylon castor would be perfect in a clean environment where the floor is smooth and free from debris, It would simply glide along the floor with ease. However, If you were to use a heavy duty nylon castor in an environment where the floor was perhaps not the best and had even just a small amount of debris such as small stones you would find that actually a nylon castor really does struggle to get over these small obstacles and it's actually causing a bit of an issue. Whilst we feel we're very competitively priced on castors we still wouldn't want any of our customers to spend that money on a castor that's just going to give them grief that they'll have to replace 6 months down the line again because it's not fit for use in that particular scenario. 

Something I can say that we do get quite regular is new customers coming on asking for a particular castor, or even trying to source a regular supply of a specific heavy duty castor as they're frequently replacing them. This immediately gives us red flags as there isn't usually a need to be regularly replacing castors if the correct one is being used for the application in question.

A great example of this is we've recently had a few enquiries about heavy duty castors for gates as they've had to be replaced every year or so due to them failing or wearing away. Immediately you know that the castors being used in this situation probably aren't very suitable and more than likely they probably don't actually need heavy duty castors they probably just need something that fits that purpose better like our gate castor that's specifically designed for gates! This will potentially save the customer a lot of money in the long run as this is specifically designed for that application! 

There are of course many applications that require heavy duty castors and even some applications that may require an extra heavy duty castor or even one of our ultra heavy duty castors and we have a two UK warehouses filled to the rafters with castors to fit most applications. 

What Wheel Materials Are Actually Available For Heavy Duty Castors?

Now we're not going to go into detail with every single wheel material we use for our heavy duty castors as the list would be extremely long and you'd more than likely be a little bored of castors after reading all of that so we're just going to take a look at a few of the most popular wheel materials, explain a little bit what they're suitable for and just showcase a few heavy duty castors that are some of my personal favourites. 

We'll start off with our heavy duty LMHBBN castors. This series of castor is made from a blue elastic non-marking rubber in a black fabricated steel bracket. The beauty of non-marking blue elastic rubber is something that we've already mentioned, It's non-marking! Believe it or not this can be an issue, If you've just spent all that time and money to have your warehouse floor re-painted, the last thing you're going to want is black scuffs and lines all over it. Its something we're very frequently asked about! Another beauty of blue elastic is because it has a softer tread its much more useful for towing heavier equipment and generally does give a good all round performance. 

Then we'll take a look at our DNGRPN series of heavy duty twin wheel castors, This style of castor has always been one of my favourites visually and it sort of shows off that it's had a lot of time, effort and energy put into it as have all of our castors. This particular series though is made from a red polyurethane tread on a white nylon centre all housed in a black fabricated steel bracket. If you've already checked out the link you'll see that this particular series only has a fixed castor and a swivel castor available. The beauty of poly nylon castors is not only in their looks but also you will find that polyurethane castors tend to have a longer life than rubber castors and generally their easier for manual handling than their rubber counterparts. When you throw a nylon center in there though, you also get a heavy duty castor that can offer a higher load capacity as well. Polyurethane on Nylon is suitable for a wide range of applications and it really plays the part well.

Lastly, Before this gets way too long i'd like to briefly talk about cast iron castors as i do know that they're quite popular and honestly, they're always kept out of sight so they never really get the appreciation that they really deserve, especially for all that hard work they do! 
So this range os our NGRCI series of heavy duty cast iron castors now whilst we do have many more cast iron castors than this available, We do in fact have a whole category devoted to cast iron castors. We're just going to keep it simple and take a look at these ones for now. Our NGRCI series of castors is made from a cast iron wheel in a black fabricated bracket. Now cast iron is one of those funny materials, It's all over the place but we never really give it that much attention and a cast iron castor is really not suited for as many applications as others but the applications it is suited for it does them extremely well. As you may gather, cast iron is a very strong and robust hard wearing material. It can also withstand high temperatures so you may come across this in manufacturing where industrial ovens are used. 

Just because i like going off into tangent, I've always remembered my grandfathers metalworks business from when i was younger. Big bubbling vats of powder ready to dip newly made iron products which would then be carried through on a rail into the huge walk in ovens that would then set the powder anything that didn't get carried through on the rails would of course go in on a trolley which i now know would have either used phenolic castors but more than likely cast iron castors. 

You can read more about tyre materials here. 

Where Are Heavy Duty Castors Used?

Honestly, you can use a heavy duty castor anywhere that requires it, Of course we'll always go back to our point about not buying something that is completely overkill but our heavy duty castors have been used in many applications, I think one of my personal favourites though would have to be a retired couple who were looking for some castors for a very specific application which i've never seen before and never had since. The application was for a summer house, They had made a circular rail in their garden and they were putting their summer house on some heavy duty castors so that they could always have it facing the sun when it was in use. I'm simply in love with this idea and it's given me some of my own ideas for retirement! Which is sadly still a very long time away! 

You would honestly probably find many more unique applications out there and i'm sure there have been many weird and wonderful ways people have used our heavy duty castors, we just don't always get to hear about them, Particularly if the customer already knows exactly what they're looking for. 

If you work within the manufacturing industry you've probably seen them around your workplace already without even given them a second thought but if you stop and look around you'll find them all over the place such as in factories, warehouses, workshops etc.... Anywhere that requires the movement of heavy loads and a reliable castor which really could be any industry! 

View All Of Our Heavy Duty Castors Here

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