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Heavy Duty Levelling Castors

Heavy Duty Levelling Castors

Heavy Duty Levelling Castors

So you're obviously here because you etiher want to know more about levelling castors or you'd like to buy some levelling castors! The great news is, Yes, we can tell you a little bit more about levelling castors! Also, being one of the UK's biggest importer / manufacturer of castors and wheels in the UK we can also sell you some levelling castors! The even better news comes now that we can tell you we actually have them available in two different wheel materials, two different wheel diameters AND two different styles! 

Let's start with the most important part, If you're interested in buying levelling castors you can click right here and you'll be taken straight to the category where you can make your selection. If you'd like to learn a little more then please, Continue reading. 


Polyurethane Bolt Hole Levelling Castor Polyurethane Swivel Levelling Castor Nylon Bolt Hole Levelling Castor Nylon Swivel Levelling Castor

Available Wheel Materials For Levelling Castors

So as you can see above we have four different levelling castors, Two are made from a Nylon Glass Fibre cator wheel and the other two are made from a solid polyurethane castor wheel. Depending on what your levelling castor is being used for will depend on what wheel material you choose. 

Each of these levelling castors contains ball bearings which are perfect for making heavier loads easier to move, Especially when you consider each one of these levelling castors can support at least 200kg, that being the load capacity of the smallest castor at 50mm. If you choose the 65 mm levelling castor then that can support an even greater load at 400kg per castor! 

Available Styles & Fitting Methods For Levelling Castors

Currently, the fitting methods we have are plate & bolt hole. If you pick the castor with the plate fitting method then you'll have to take note of the plate size and the hole centres. The 50mm levelling castor has a plate size of 70mm x 70mm with hole centres of 58mm x 58mm where as the larger of the two coming in with a 65mm wheel diameter has a plate size of 90mm x 90mm and hole centres of 70mm x 70mm. If you're choosing the bolt hole levelling castor, this isn't something that you're going to have to worry about as both available sizes have a 12mm bolt hole fitting. Ease is what we like! 

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