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Heavy Duty Project

Heavy Duty Project

Atlas Handling Uk Ltd have had quite a few unusual request for castors, we had a phone call the other week for some heavy duty castors for a renovation project.  To begin with we always need some information about the load capacity the castors need to cope with.  In this case we were told 30 tonne.  Obviously our need for knowledge about a job was now escalated. 

The customer then began to expand further, they were a retired soldier who had driven Tanks in the army and had acquired a derelict tank and wanted to restore it as a retirement project.  Obviously this is quite an unusual use for heavy duty castors.  The Tank, fully restored, would weigh around 50 tons.  They just needed to be able to move the tank on a dolly while the main body was restored without the turret and engine.  Unfortunately there was not a lot of space to move in.  It was apparent that most of the time the Tank would be static on the castors and the castors would only be moved occasionally, with a fork lift pushing and pulling on the dolly.

Luckily we stock heavy duty castors up to 10 ton each.  These are twin wheel castors.  The castors have polyurethane treads and are fitted with taper roller bearings.  Once these castors were fitted they would enable them to manoeuvre the tank within their tight working area.  They are towable castors which mean that they can be manoeuvred with a machine such as a fork lift or Moto mover.

This is just one of the many application we are delighted to help people with and is always interesting to find out what people do with the castors we sell.  At the moment these heavy duty castors are available as price on application.  Call us in the office on 01527 501148 and we will happy to help guide you to choose the correct castor for your needs.


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