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High Temperature

High Temperature

Here at Atlas Handling Uk Ltd, we have a range of castors that are suitable for High Temperature applications.  Standard castors are usually limited to what temperature the castor can withstand before the castor wheel becomes unstable and loses its carrying capacity or melts.

To overcome this problem with standard castors there are various high temperature castors available.


Standard nylon castors or poly nylon castors can withstand temperatures up to 90°C for short periods.  We have done several applications were smoke is used to cook food and nylon castors have been used with no problems.

The most common high temperature castor is the phenolic castor.  Fiber-filled phenolic resin, molded under extreme pressure, gives phenolic wheels the ability to carry heavy loads without damaging floors in intermittent service. They are non-marking, resist corrosion from oil, water, grease and commonly used acids or solvents, and will not spark.

Again there are different versions of these castors, depending on the operating temperature of the castor and what load it needs to carry.  We have a local factory that process prawns and they use a lot of phenolic castors.  They had a problem where the castors were being washed down with aggressive solvents.  This was causing the castors to seize as the castor bore was affected.  We solved this problem by importing a castor that was made of fibre filled phenolic resin but had ball bearing bores and a stronger bracket.  They buy a lot less castors now.

We have a small range of the High temperature castors on the website but we have more Phenolic castors available, just call us and we can help you select the correct one.

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