High Temperature Resistant Up To 260°C with sealed bearings

Castors designed to go into applications that require a castor to resist temperatures upto 260°C.   The high temp castors are fitted with a glass fibre high temp wheel that will withstand temperatures of 260°C.The wheel is made of a glass fibre based material and the castor wheel is fitted with a ball bearing that makes them easy to move.The ball bearing centred wheel will also reduce noise/squeeking a standard phenolic wheel may suffer from These castors come as standard bright zinc plate, BZP, finish but are avaialble with stainless steel high temperatute castor brackets.   The wheel has wheel gaurds over the bearing which protecs the centre of the castor wheel from dirt ingress.This means that the castors will last longer, especially where bakery castors, oven castors are needed.

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