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Bolt Hole and Bolt Braked Castors


We offer A range of Bolt Hole and Bolt Braked Castors, These include light duty and standard duty Castors. The Bolt Hole and Bolt Braked Castors come in sizes from 50mm up to 200mm and includes a choice of wheels including Rubber, Nylon, Elasticated, Cast Iron, Polyurethane Cast Iron and many many more. Castors also vary in load capacity 40kg - 350kg

These castors are ideal for:  

 Garment Rails, Catering / Service Trollies, Tubular Furniture, Retail Displays, Exhibition Equipment, Dollies, Tool Boxes, Light Machinery, Equipment Stands, Mobile Workstations, Cabinets, Stands, Electrical Enclosures, etc


We also offer Twin wheel castors in a Bolt Hole and Bolt Braked in a 50mm 

M10 Twin Bolt Hole castor 50mm wheel diameter upto 40kg capacity



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