Atlas Handling (UK) Quality Industrial Castors


Here at Atlas Handling, we offer a large variety of different industrial castors, each created for different environments. Below are a few examples of our industrial range, and a few clearance items within the range. A mixture of light, medium and heavy duty are displayed, with or without brakes, with both fixed and swivel castors available. Equipment and machinery require the right fittings, in order to function to the best of their ability, and achieve their purpose. Therefore the mobility of equipment is most important within the majority of industries, ensuring a demand for our low cost, high quality castor choice. 

We focus on providing you with quality castors at budget prices, and ensure this by offering our lowest price guarantee, as we endeavour to achieve this. If you have already received a quote from another company, then see if we can beat it, simply contact us on 01527 501148.


Industrial Grey
Rubber Castors
Clearance Industrial Castors


The prices within our industrial range vary, between £3 - £24 on average, depending on the specific specifications you require. Our variety displayed in the above categories can hold different loading capacities between 60kg - 750kg, and fluctuate in wheel diameters, from a small 80mm to a large 200mm. The heavier the weight expected to be on the application, the larger the loading capacity should be. Similarly the larger the wheel diameter, the smoother your application object will move, a great advantage of a large wheel diameter in an uneven environment. If an object is being moved regularly, a larger wheel diameter is recommended, and of course always taking the correct loading capacity allowance into consideration. The loading capacity of an application can be calculated, by the following equation: 

Load capacity of castor = Weight of equipment + trolley ÷ 3

Grey rubber tyres are a great choice, as they do not leave any floor markings, whereas black do. They also offer a quiet and smooth movement, which other wheels materials do not. However overtime you may find that rubber wheels will develop flats, especially if used regularly on an uneven surface. Therefore depending on the frequent use of your application objects, a nylon, cast iron or perhaps polyurethane option maybe a better choice of material. A few of these options are currently available in our clearance categories too. Both a top fitting plate, which consists of a rectangular top, and a bolt hole fitting, consisting of a circular plate top, are available throughout our varied selection.

With such choice and quality, you will be sure to find the perfect castor and wheel set for your products. Please view our Applications for more commonly used industries, perhaps our Warehouse and Distribution or Crane and Gantry categories will be of more use, with many other different industries to choose from. 

Our delivery costs vary depending on the quantity ordered and distance of location, for more information or a cost estimate, please select this link.