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There is always a great need for castors for industry. They can take the form of polyurethane tyred castors with a 100mm diameter to a very large 300mm castor diameter. These will carry considerable weights and are usually calculated on the basis of 3 wheels and castors not 4, to compensate for the possibility of uneven flooring at any one moment. The need for wheels and castors for trolleys is a regular consideration. Again depending on the activity these might be polyurethane tyred wheels or solid rubber tyred wheels or, when on uneven shop floors, pneumatic tyred wheels and castors. Some applications will require solid steel wheels and it is particularly advisable when in the presence of these, to make sure your feet are absent from the path of these very strong and heavy load bearing steel wheels.

We have remarked on the internal usage of wheels and castors but of course sections of industry are given over to fabricating items using wheels and castors which, as their product, is sold on. Many companies make conveyers for all applications in food, transport, postal services and many more and these will always at some stage need replacement conveyor wheels. Around any shop floor there will be seen and used adjustable feet, hand wheels and in heavy industry, heavy duty jacking castors which are essential in the building of heavy engineering items. So much strength and toughness in these items as industry pays for the other things we expect and the men who do this work, but it can safely be said that work is the curse of the drinking classes!

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