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Industrial Wheels UK

Did you know that Atlas Handling UK Ltd are one of the biggest suppliers of industrial wheels in the UK? We have two warehouses that are filled to the rafters with stock ready for dispatch! We've been in the industry of supplying industrial castors now for over 25 years and whilst i could say that we've got another 25 years to go, I know that the future is much brighter for us than just 25 years! 

We've got a huge range of industrial wheels made from a variety of different wheel materials and with a variety of different core materials. We quite possibly have an industrial wheel for almost every application and if you can't see it, it may be something that we could even source for you! 

When it comes to finding good quality industrial wheels, we can tell you that yes, it is hard and we're very picky about what products we stock, where we manufacture them and how they're handled. If we don't feel something has been manufactured to our high standards, they they don't go into stock. We're always checking the quality of our products and always looking to see how we can improve our products. You'll find that for the majority of our products we do have 3D CAD drawings available should your design team need them. 

If you are looking for industrial wheels though, please do drop us an enquiry or give us a call and we'd love to supply you! 

Industrial Castors UK

So now you've read about our industrial wheels, you may have come to notice that we also sell industrial castors as well! And again, these are something that are picked from stock! We have two warehouses that are filled to the rafters with castors and wheels ready for dispatch! 

So you've obviously come here to look at industrial castors! You may not even be aware of what one is, I wasn't util about 5 years ago when my eyes were completely opened up to the world of castors! Industrial castors can really be set apart from others because you'll find that they tend to be a lot larger and a lot more hard wearing! They also carry considerable loads, We're talking weights such as 1 tonne here now. You'll probably be wondering "What actually weighs that much?" You'd honestly be surprised how popular they are! One of my favorite applications for industrial castors was a middle aged gentleman who'd got himself a new hobby. He'd bought something that was rather unique, needed some industrial castors for it. The castors themselves wouldn't be moving that far at all! Just backwards and forwards occasionally whilst this man repaired his new purchase... He'd bought a tank! That's right, A tank! This is quite possibly one of the most uniuqe applications that i've personally come across whilst working here. Now obviously as we can all guess a tank is going to weigh a considerable amount and industrial castors came to the rescue and helped him with his project!

Wholesale Castors & Wheels UK

You may have noticed on our homepage that we offer discounts. Discounts of any kind are always great but if you buy castors regularly then you're going to love our discount! Once you've placed your first order with us and if you are a registered business we can offer you a discount on all future orders over £15.00. 

The discount is applied automatically at checkout so you don't need to worry about entering any codes. 

Simply drop us an email or give us a call after you've placed your first order and your discount will be applied to your account ready for any future orders.

Castor Suppliers

Lastly, If you are looking for a new castors supplier, or you're thinking of going into business where you may require castors, we'd like to ask that you keep us in mind! If you'd liked to keep a copy of our catalogue on hand, please let us know so we can send you a copy and ask always help is always on hand if you need any advice or guidance from us.

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