LMHBBNY Non-Marking Blue Elastic Rubber Fixed Castors

Heavy Duty Blue Elastic Non-Marking Fixed Castors

You're looking at our range of LMHBBNY series of heavy duty non-marking blue elastic rubber fixed castors. 
Made from a blue elastic non-marking tread, this fixed castor has had plenty of thought put into it about making the users life much easier, With ball bearings for making those heavy loads easy to move, housed in a black fabricated steel bracket. This fixed castor is honestly making a bit of a fashion statement and i'm willing to give it all the appreciation that it deserves! 

It's suitable for a wide range of heavy duty applications where a castor that can give that bit more than the others is required. 

Don't forget to workout the total load you need your castors to take. It's also important to remember that when working out the total load a set of castors can support that you divide it over three castors and not a full set of four. So for example, the 200mm heavy duty fixed castors in this particular series can support up to 425kg per castor so naturally, you would assume that a set of four could support 1700kg! That wouldn't be correct though, it would actually be 1275kg per set. We say this for a few reasons but the main one is un-even load! If these castors are going to go on a warehouse trolley for example, there is nothing to stop the user from placing the bulk of the load at one end of the trolley. That could mean that the two castors at the front or the back could actually be taking a lot more weight than they were ever designed to carry. This could cause them to fail and break. 

As always, if you have any questions about these castors or need help finding the castors that are correct for you, pleae feel free to give our salesteam a call who are always more than happy to help. 

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