LMHBEA Black Elastic Rubber Fixed Castors

Black Rubber Fixed Castors on an Aluminium Centre with Black Fabricated Bracket

you're looking at our LMHBEA series of Fixed Castors! 
Made from a black elastic rubber tread on an aluminum centre, all wrapped up in a black heavy duty fabricated steel bracket. 

Whilst these are heavy duty castors, heavy duty can mean different things person to person. Heavy duty castors to somebody at home may just mean something that's suitable for their garage to hold a few boxes. 
A heavy duty castor to somebody in the castor industry however is something more like this and anything rated higher. 
Always work out the total load your castors are going to be carrying and then, when you've picked the castors that you think you need, divide that total load you think you will be carrying and then divide that over three castors instead of the full four castors for the set. We always advise that a sets total load capacity is worked out over three castors due to a few factors such as un-even load. For example, if you were to use these castors for a trolly, you may naturally just put everything on one end of the trolley rather than distributing it evenly. This would mean that the castors at the front end of the trolley could possibly be carrying more than what they're made to, causing them to potentially fail. 

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