LMHBEA Series; Fabricated Steel / Elastic Rubber on Aluminium

Heavy Duty Black Rubber Castors with Aluminium Core

You're looking at our series of LMHBEA series of heavy duty castors. These castors are made from a black rubber tread with an alumium core. They are an ideal candidate for a wide array of heavy duty applications, not just for their variety of sizes and styles but also the load capacity these castors can support is incredible value for money and honestly, You may have seen me mention this about other heavy duty castors as well but i do personally find that our heavy duty castors are incredibly good looking! The LMHBEA series is no exception to this rule! The silver aluminum core and black bracket really finish these castors off. 

You could imagine these castors being on the bottom of a sleek piece of retail furniture or a high end point of sale display. 

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