LMHBNY Heavy Duty Fixed Nylon Castors

Heavy Duty White Nylon fixed Castors with Black Fabricated Bracket

You're looking at our series of LMHBNY series of heavy duty fixed fastor. These heavy duty fixed castors are made from a heavy duty white nylon castor wheel in a black fabricated bracket. 
It's suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications that require a castor wheel that's capable of supporting a high load capacity and that's not too hard wearing on your floors. Nylon accombplishes both of these, it's one of those wheel materials that isn't as hard wearing on your flooring as something like cast iron would be but it all comes down to the users unique application and what the castors or wheels are actually being used for. 

The largest caster in this particular series comes in with a wheel diameter of 200mm and is capable of supporting loads of up to 500kg per castor! 

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