LMH Series: Fabricated Steel/Cast Iron

Buy cast iron castors online from Atlas Handling. You're looking at our series of LMH castors. Made from a beautiful cast iron wheel in a fabricated steel bracket. Suitable for a wide range of applications cast iron is one of those materials that keeps on giving. You'll find that you really get your moneys worth from a cast iron castor due to them being so hard wearing. They may be unique to some applications and you certainly wouldn't use them for anything and everything. 

There are as we've mentioned in a few other categories many pros and cons to any castors and cast iron castors are no exception to the rule with this, There are many pros and there are equally as many cons. This mainly comes down to the application you're using them for. If you intent do buy these castors for every day use in your warehouse with your freshly painted floor, You may be dissapointed and that certainly wouldn't be giving you good value for money as cast iron, being hard wearing, can also be hard wearing on floors, It can also struggle to overcom certain obstacles due to the fac that it is so hard and can struggle getting over debris, even things such as those annoying little stones that get dragged in on the bottom of peoples shoes. 

There are equally as many pros to cast iron castors though, The fact that they're so hard wearing is something that many people specifically want them for, It may be their application is using a track where a trolley is in constant moving use, Rubber castors would wear down much faster than what cast iron castors would. Some people seek to use cast iron castors simply because under the right conditions they can also be perfect for use in high temperatures! This is really when they have the correct bracket and correct bearing. You can read more about high temperature resistant cast iron castors here

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